Adjusting / Fastening / Magnet

Nuts for Lead Screws-Straight Type

Up to 74% off

Grub Screw Sets - Stainless Steel

Up to 65% off

Shim Tape Boxes

Up to 77% off

Socket Head Cap Screws/Fine Thread

Up to 91% off

Socket Head Cap Screws/Fully Threaded

Up to 90% off

Flat Head Cap Screws (Pack)

Up to 78% off

Tapered Washers (Square)

Up to 63% off

C-VALUE Package Hex Socket Head Cap Screws Steel/SUS

Up to 84% off

Low Head Shoulder Screws - Shaft Dia. Tolerance e9, g6, h7 / L, F Dimension Configurable

Up to 77% off

Parallel Keys

Up to 93% off

Low Head Cap Screws - Standard

Up to 78% off

Screws with Through Hole - Hex Socket Head Cap

Up to 66% off

Stud Bolts

Up to 61% off

Shoulder Bolts - Shaft Dia. Tolerance e9

Up to 62% off

Dual Fit Dowel Pins - p6-h7 p6-g6

Up to 87% off

Leveler Bolts - Tip SR Hex Chamfered Type

Up to 64% off

Leveler Bolts - Flanged Tip SR Type

Up to 65% off

Adjusting Stopper Screws - Wrench Flats

Up to 72% off

Locating Bolts - Round Tip

Up to 64% off

Locating Bolts - Round Head - Hex Socket Round Head

Up to 85% off

Stopper Bolts - Shoulder Type

Up to 77% off

Stopper Bolts - Tip Hex Socket - Urethane Type

Up to 70% off

Dowel Pins - Straight, High Precision

Up to 88% off

Metal Washers - Hardened Type, Standard / Precision Class

Up to 83% off

C-VALUE Package Hex Socket Button Head Cap Screws SUS

Up to 99% off

Pre-Assembly Insertion Metal Stoppers for Aluminum Frames - Standard - For 8 Series (Slot Width 10mm)

Up to 38% off

Nuts for Lead Screws-Round Flanged/Compact Flanged

Up to 66% off

Clamping Screws - Angle Type

Up to 75% off

Clamping Screws / High Locked Screws - Non-Reverse Type

Up to 65% off

Metal Washers - T Dimension Configurable, Precision Class

Up to 89% off

Shim Ring Packages - Standard / Configurable

Up to 82% off

Hex Socket Head Cap Screws - Titanium, Aluminum

Up to 82% off

Washers - Titanium, Aluminum

Up to 62% off

Plastic Hex Socket Head Set Screws

Up to 52% off

Washers for Ornamental Screw

Up to 29% off