Pipe / Tube / Hose / Fitting

Copper Pipe Fittings/Gland Ring

Up to 86% off

Tubes/Water Resisting Polyurethane

Up to 67% off

Plumbing Terminals - Hex

Up to 61% off

Low Pressure Fittings/Plug

Up to 36% off

Low Pressure Fittings/Reducer/90 Deg. Elbow

Up to 49% off

Sanitary Adapter Fittings/Hose/Ferrule

Up to 59% off

Hydraulic Fittings/90 Deg. Elbow/PT Threaded/PT Threaded

Up to 82% off

Hydraulic Fittings/90 Deg. Elbow/Female/PT Threaded/PF Threaded

Up to 66% off

O-Rings/P Series

Up to 93% off

Heat-Resistant One-Touch Fittings - Elbows

Up to 36% off

Air Couplers/One-Touch Connector/Plug/90 Deg. Elbow

Up to 43% off

Compact Ball Valves/Stainless Steel/PT Female/PT Female

Up to 53% off

One-Touch Couplings - Y Type

Up to 31% off

O-Rings/V Series/AS Series

Up to 59% off

Tapered Screw Plugs

Up to 96% off

O-Ring P Series

Up to 97% off

[C-VALUE] Polyurethane Tubes (Blue)

Up to 77% off

[C-VALUE] Polyurethane Tubes (Orange)

Up to 83% off

Couplings for Tubes - Nut and Sleeve Integrated Type - Elbows

Up to 40% off

[C-VALUE] Hand Valves

Up to 75% off

Adjustable Hoses Components / Installation Tools - Nozzle Only (Orange)(Photo is for Shape A)

Up to 85% off